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Unbelievable but TRUE! A 3D HIFU machine developed in Europe is ready to make you feel super special. Imagine your ads when you can say you are taking on the Chinese HIFU machines with a deluxe quality European machine. / Be among the first to give treatments with a European-developed 3D HIFU Face Lifting machine. 

How would you feel about giving treatments with a gorgeous, top-quality, accurate and powerful machine?


Choose a European product.

  • Robust case

  • Extremely precise line shooting

  • Quick shooting of lines

  • Short treatment time

  • Quality materials

  • Spectacular results

  • Safe handling

  • A clinically tested and proven machine.


This made-in-Europe HIFU Face Lifting Machine is every cosmetic centre’s dream with its gorgeous design and stable, powerful and precise performance.

The key advantages of the 3rd generation ISIS HIFU machine:

  • Ability to shoot accurately up to 11 lines in quick succession

  • Shorter treatment time due to the 11 lines, which is comfortable for you and your patient and saves precious time (about an hour or an hour and a half per treatment rather than two hours)

  • Results: due to the meticulous and precise shooting lines and columns, a more comprehensive treatment can be provided with a marginal error ratio.

  • Thanks to the shorter treatment time, patients will feel less discomfort.

  • Precisely juxtaposed lines: safe results and minimal risk

  • The dense lines send numerous shots into the skin, which make the treatment itself quite spectacular.

  • Various tips and depths: you can provide highly customised treatments

All in all, besides delivering a quicker, more precise, efficient and comfortable treatment for the patient, it can yield a higher profit compared to 1-line HIFU machines. Its outstanding European quality places it at the forefront of the market.

3D HIFU technology: what does it achieve? Thanks to the ultrasound shots in multiple layers:

  • Lifted face skin

  • Fewer wrinkles

  • Stronger connective tissue

  • More collagen fibres and elastin

  • Lifted face skin: SMAS layer is lifted

  • Lifted eyelids and brows

  • Smaller double chin and sharper facial contours

  • Tighter, less wrinkly neck and cleavage

  • Makes you look five to seven years younger

Clinically tested machine with reliable results

The results below have been shared by salons and doctors working with ISIS.


These pictures before and after the one to one and a half hour treatment prove how powerful and effective the machine is. Achieve the same impressive face lifting results on your patients and be successful in the field of anti-aging.

Two-year warranty with maintenance available across Europe SalonTech provides a two-year warranty for the machine and in the event of malfunction immediate troubleshooting via skype/phone/online. Parts and service at the Budapest-based workshop.

VRP_3382 (1).jpg


  • Beautiful, strong case with a brushed finish. Reliable and stable performance

  • Two-year warranty

  • Maintenance available all over Europe

  • Cartridges working in eight different depths to treat the face and other body parts: to a depth of 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 6.0 mm, 8.0 mm, 10.0 mm, 13.0 mm and 16.0 mm

  • Cartridges suitable for 20,000 shots (lower shot and treatment costs)

  • Device suitable for quick facial treatment within 60 minutes

  • Stylish, robust external design

  • User-friendly screen and software Everything can be customised: including number and distance of lines, intensity and shot length

  • Stylish exterior

Machine-related services:

  • Free theoretical and practical training

  • Two-year warranty

  • Continuous service and technical support

  • Provision of replacement machine in case of malfunction

  • Administrative materials necessary for treatment

  • Two posters

  • 50 hifu brochures

  • Complete user manual in Hungarian

  • Payable extra costs: 11-line HIFU course with a compulsory exam, if the client requires to take it.

Címsor hozzáadása (2).jpg

Delivery time: Three to four weeks from the payment of the 40% deposit and the signing of the delivery contract

VRP_3220 (1).jpg


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