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Our company has been assisting various businesses and ventures in the market – whether they are start-ups or have been active for a long time – for more than 12 years. Our goal is to provide full service at a professional level. It is important for us that our customers can manage the machines they buy from us by passing on all knowledge so that they can provide quality services to their guests. As a stable partner, we are always available to our customers when they turn to us with any problems, requests or questions.

Our machines are of high quality and guarantee good results. It is extremely important for us to be able to develop our machines based on the needs of our customers, after thorough testing.

Our trainings are the most detailed in the Hungarian market, the members of our team are doctors, beauticians and other health and beauty industry professionals who constantly train themselves to be up-to-date with the latest technologies, thus also expanding the knowledge of salon owners.

Thanks to our strong service background, we start repairing the machine within 24 hours in the event of a breakdown, and during this time we can also provide a replacement machine.

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We provide free outstanding services such as:

  • Customised guidance on choosing the right machine, by taking into account all needs. 

  • Financial support within the framework of a consultation where we perform calculations on return based on the provided data. 

  • When it comes to marketing support, we are also available to our partners, for example by designing and producing posters and flyers, creating websites and strengthening their internet position. 

  • We provide a detailed textbook for our courses and also provide the administration materials necessary for treatments. 

  • We also provide our customers with technological support, in addition to servicing, we also help with purchases to replace defective parts even after the warranty expires, or we can also advise on the possible expansion and conversion of existing machines.

Furthermore, we can work out different payment options, which we can use to help our customers. For example, the opportunity of individual instalment payment or special rental schemes.

We organise various community-building workshops and professional meetings so that we can provide continuous professional support through them.

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